Waste Treatment: 

  • Quarantina Sorting Plant for physical Waste Treatment (SUKOMI, Lebanon)
  • Amrousieh Waste Treatment Plant (SUKOMI, Lebanon)


  • Arab University of Beirut


  • Beirut Governmental Hospital/Auxiliary Buildings

Pumping Stations:

  • Batroun, Aayoun, Aayn Yacoub, Abou Halqua (ministry of electrical and water resources, Lebanon)
  • NERP1 project for the construction of 110 pumping stations, Lebanon (financed by World Bank)
  • SWAQA (Jordan)
  • LAJJOUN North Wells (Jordan)
  • QATRANEH & GHWEIR (Jordan)

Parking Stations:

  • Adnan Al Hakim Taxi and Bus Station Beirut
  • Beirut Central District Car Park-2500 cars


  • Sport City Beirut (Lebanese government)
  • Beirut Municipal Stadium (Lebanese government)

Buildings, Residential Complexes and Malls:

  • Ministry of Electricity and Water Resources Head Quarters, (Lebanese government)
  • UNRWA Building Beirut/United Nations
  • Siwar Complex (Lebanon)
  • Holiday Inn Martinez Hotel (Beirut)
  • Armenian Eriwan Intermotors 906 (Armenia)
  • SPINNEY'S Supermarket (Saida-Lebanon)
  • BSAT Supermarket (Saida-Lebanon)
  • VERDUN 730 (Beirut-Lebanon)


  • Maliban Glass Factory (Lebanon)
  • Soliver Glass Factory (Lebanon)
  • Mary Biscuits Industries, Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Ghandour Factory (Chouiefat-Lebanon)
  • LEMATIC Factory (Damascus-Syria)

Industrial Automation:

  • Waste Treatment Plants
  • Gas Plant Monitoring and Shut Down Systems
  • Food Weighing and Filling Machines
  • Sesame Treatment Line
  • Plastic Molding Machines
  • Bag Filling Machines
  • Universal Testing Machines


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